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Bullfrog Pest Control Inc., is a woman-owned pest control company servicing commercial, institutional, health and human service facilities and homes on Long Island and the NYC metropolitan area since 1978.

Get your home ready for a pest-free winter

It’s finally winter! The cold weather is here, the leaves have changed again and the holidays are around the corner. But before it gets too busy, let me be the knot on your finger and remind you about protecting your home from overwintering pests. In a previous post, we mentioned the science and anatomy of [...]

Spooky pests to watch out for

It’s that time of year when we tend to think of creepy and spooky pests for our home décor. But we should really be worried about real-life threats that creep and lurk in the dark. Below are some real-life pests to watch out for during October. Rats – These big, hairy, nocturnal rodents can enter [...]

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What’s bugging you this summer?

Summer is such a fun season with many holidays and celebrations happening. But one thing a tad dark about Summer, is the rise of a new generation of pests and the possibility of their infestation. The more you know about the behavior of these pests, the better prepared you can be to prevent an infestation. [...]

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How to handle your mice situation

Has 2020 thrown you a new curve ball in the form of mice? Having mice is bad news already. Mice spread serious diseases, carry fleas, contaminate your home, gnaw through wiring, cause expensive structural damage, and pose serious risks. But we have some good news to go with that bad news. Becoming informed about [...]

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Prepare for overwintering pests during the fall season

Fall is here! It’s a time when leaves change, we change our home décor and coffee shops add a little more spice to their menu. But, that’s not the only thing that changes. Believe us when Bullfrog tells you that invasive pests will come knocking at your door. In a process called overwintering, these [...]

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Humidity loving pests entering your home

In the midst of a hot and humid summer there are pests that thrive off moisture. Most people tend to severely dislike humidity, but some pests love it. This can create an additional problem if you are already facing moisture issues within your home or building. Perimeter pests that enter structures due to changes [...]

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Brood X Cicadas set to run rampant across 15 states including New York

Researchers are projecting a plague of Cicadas called Brood X to hit several states including New York. The Brood X Cicadas are set to emerge by the millions by mid-May when temperatures rise and the temperature of the soil reaches 64 degrees. Brood X Cicadas are of the genus of Magicicadas (periodical cicadas) that [...]

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Ants continue their march through Spring

Ants may not be the creepiest of pests around, and are even admired for their hard work in their colonies. Nevertheless, ants are still pests that can disturb your way of life and spread diseases. Watch out for ants having many opportunities and reasons to enter your home throughout the spring. Easy Access Ants [...]

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Termites are at it again!

Guess who’s back in 2021?! No one needs the headache that dealing with termites involves. It’s enough to deal with a rising pandemic and other issues. So, dealing with termites is definitely something people would rather do without. Fortunately, at Bullfrog Pest Control we are equipped to handle termite infestations with the Advance® Termite [...]

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Eliminate Annoying Flies

Are you having a hard time getting rid of annoying flies? There can be many reasons why flies are still pestering you. It’s important to learn about the way flies behave in order to get rid of them, including the reasons why they are attracted to your home. There are three main species [...]

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