Commercial / Property Management

Pest control in a commercial environment presents unique challenges. The presence of insects and rodents in a business is not only embarrassing, it leads to the loss of customers and lowers employee morale and productivity. In high tech areas such as computer rooms or control panels, the presence of insects and rodent pests can lead to loss of data, equipment malfunction, or structural damage due to fires. For these reasons a business cannot afford to take chances when selecting a pest control service.

The Commercial Division of Bullfrog Pest Control can free you from pest worries, saving you valuable time and money. We implement a specialized Integrated Pest Management plan designed specifically for your needs. Our trained technicians specialize in commercial service work. Not only are they educated in both the classroom and field, they have the equipment necessary to ensure that pest problems are eliminated and your business can get back to business! We use a comprehensive proactive plan to best serve your facility in the most effective way possible.

Health & Human Service Facilities

The health care industry has high standards when it comes to pest management. By their very nature, health care facilities are prime targets for pest infestations, and cannot be serviced in the same manner as manufacturing sites, retail outlets, hospitality facilities or office buildings.

Bullfrog Pest Control understands this.  We’ve been serving the needs of the health care industry since 1978. We understand that your pest management needs are critical and the highly sensitive environments of health care facilities require special knowledge and expertise.

Our highly trained technicians will provide expert service for your facilities specific to the health care industry.


Bullfrog Pest Control specializes in complete customized pest management solutions for

  • Educational Facilities
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Daycare Centers

Public health must be served and served correctly. Our staff of trained experts including an in-house Masters in Public Health graduate help you maintain your institution’s standards for good health. Our Integrated Pest Management program is custom tailored to meet the needs of each facility. Bullfrog Pest Control is committed to addressing the public’s concerns about health and environmental risks associated with chemicals especially when children, elderly, and sick persons are involved. Our approach is proactive in nature and encompasses the spirit of our IPM philosophy.


Our Residential Services are geared toward Termite and Carpenter Ant Inspections, and Treatments using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions.

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We offer no start-up fees and residential work is contract-free, but is available upon request.

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