Creepy crawleys are all a rage during October. Especially since it’s the beginning of overwintering. But overwintering is not the only reason critters enter. Also, many times, they do not discriminate on the season. Regardless critters will creep through the crevices as the title mentions, but the important thing is knowing what to do to help prevent an infestation.

Your entire home can be a magnet for pests. It provides shelter, warmth, and food not only for you and your family but also for pests –  and they’re attracted to it. So, let’s take a look at many ways an unwanted critter can enter your home.

  1. Garage: Pests can enter your home through open garage doors. Rodents, insects and spiders take advantage of gaps, or when the garage door is left open. But, pests especially love garages that have extra clutter. It’s important to keep your home and garage clutter-free in order to make strides against pest infestation.
  1. Windows/Doors: Improperly sealed windows and doors provide an entrance to crawling and flying insects. Installing door sweeps and repairing damaged screens in windows can help deter pests entrance into your home. Keep in mind that leaving your doors and windows open for even a short amount of time, increases your risk of attracting pests.
  1. Walls/Foundation: Any holes around the exterior of your home, the size of a dime, can be an entry for mice and other rodents. Be sure to have them inspected and properly sealed with a silicone-based caulk.
  1. Attics/Rooflines: Squirrels and Bats love to nest in abandoned and unkempt attics. It’s important to periodically check for any rotting wood near your roofline and ventilate attics to prevent coveted moisture from becoming an attractant.
  1. Trees: Keep trees trim. This will prevent any limbs or foliage from touching your home which can become a bridge ants and other pests to find your house.
  1. Garbage and Outdoor: Pests are attracted to all kinds of garbage that is not inside a garbage can outside your home. You also risk attracting large animals such as raccoons, opossums and even larger animals like deer and bear which can be carrying pests as well. Another thing to consider is if you store firewood outside your home, do not keep it piled near the structure of your home, since this is an attractant to all sorts of insects, such as carpenter ants, that either eat wood, or nest in it.

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