Rats and rodents have been multiplying and infesting streets and homes in New York. So much is the mayhem that rats have made headlines in the New York Times and caused warnings from the Health Department. Several task forces have been created in order to control the rodent situation in the City.

Though the City of New York and the Health Department are trying their best to eradicate rats, the issue at hand has likely spread and made it to the surrounding  boroughs including Long Island. You must be prepared for the already-out of control infestation. The following are steps you can take to help prevent and eradicate rodents from affecting your home or building:

Inspect your home: Rats will always leave evidence behind. Check the surrounding areas of your structure for rat droppings, rat tracks, gnawing, active rat runs or burrows. Our professionals can assist you with inspections if you suspect rats may have been in or near your building, structure or home.

Clean outdoors and indoors: Decluttering the outdoors on your property is one way to get rid of potential hiding and/or nesting areas for rats and other rodents. You can also sweep up droppings and wash away rub marks which will help discourage rats from returning. Don’t forget to clean up your basement frequently and keep your landscape trim as well.

Starve them: Store garbage in a tight-lid container and make sure to keep the container indoors until 1 hour or less before pick up to avoid unwanted visits to your property.

Exclude them: It’s important to seal your structure well. Rats and rodents can enter your home through dime-sized holes. Make sure you do not have any holes leading into your home. Check for cracks in your foundation, sidewalks, and under doors and repair any holes you encounter.

Wipe them out: Applying rodent bait and any more aggressive measures are the jobs of pest professionals. Commercial and multi-unit properties must hire pest professionals per the current laws. Do not hesitate to call us at the number below to help eradicate rodents in your building, structure or home.

Involve the Neighbors: It might be embarrassing to talk about any rat infestation you may already have, but if you don’t tell your neighbors then they may be unpleasantly surprised. It’s imperative that you make sure your neighbors are also putting in efforts against the rat infestation.

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