Bullfrog Pest Control is committed to protecting you and our planet from the harmful effects of certain pesticides by making Advanced Integrated Pest Management the cornerstone of our services.

Advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a proven, cost-effective strategy to combat pest problems without unnecessary pesticide use. By correcting the conditions that lead to pest problems and using approved pesticides only when necessary, IPM provides more effective pest control while reducing pesticide use.

Years of research indicate that Advanced IPM is effective and often more effective than conventional pest control measures. All of Bullfrog Pest Control technicians are highly trained in Advanced IPM methods and provide effective quality service with the least invasive methods by means of thorough inspections, customer consultation, and the appropriate treatment of all your pest control needs.

Bullfrog technicians take a look at each case, identifying pests correctly first and monitoring their habitat to find the best possible management solution. With long-term prevention in mind, the IPM model allows our exterminators to examine environmental factors as well as using green preventive measures that will have better results than short-term shortcuts. Using knowledge gained from each particular situation, allows us to make unfavorable conditions for pest.

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