Know the difference between ants and termites

Winged ants and winged termites can be easily mistaken. It’s important to know the dangerous differences between the two because gaining this knowledge can save your home from termite damage. Winged ants have elbowed antennae, a narrow waist and its front wings are longer than its back wings. Winged termites, however, have straight antennae, a [...]

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Fire Ant Bites Treatment

A fire ant bite is not the same as other ants, be it in experience, or the consequences. Therefore, taking immediate treatment measures to minimize the complications, is a must. One needs to be quick in action to avoid the negative reaction of the bite. Here is how ... Ads by Google Hulett Pest Control [...]

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Exploring America’s Number One Nuisance Pest

In late 2011 and early 2012, the National Pest Management Association (through the Professional Pest Management Alliance), in cooperation with Dr. Laurel Hansen of Spokane Falls Community College and the University of Washington, asked pest management firms from across the United States to participate in a self-administered online survey about ants. In all, more than [...]

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