termites swarm in new york

Know the signs of a termite infestation

Termites are back!

Yes it can happen to you! With the coming of the months of March, April, May and the changing of a new season, 2017 has brought with it the homeowner’s ultimate nemesis. But, homeowners aren’t alone – commercial buildings are in danger as well. Termites and their colonies will stop at nothing to literally chomp on any wood they could find and this year it seems as though they’re coming back stronger than ever with an almost-Biblical impact. Their prerogative is not just to eat and live, but to recolonize, swarm, and leave a legacy behind. What a nightmare! Termites cause an estimated two billion dollars and up in damages not covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Though it’s alarming and frankly sounds like an invasion from an alien planet, you can get yourself prepared with just a few tips and a call to your local Termite-inator…Bullfrog Pest Control

Take proactive steps!

Consider these termite clues and signs of damage:

          • Do you live in an area of high risk in the state of New York?

          • Have you gone through flood damage?

         • Check moist, damp and dark rooms or parts of a home.

          • Consider time of day and after rain for swarming.

         • Do you have weak, hollow or honeycomb wood?

   • Do you have floors that sag?

• Have you seen tree nests, subterranean tunnels, termite wings or shelter tubes?

• Have you heard persistent termite tapping noises?

• Do you know the difference between ants and termites? Click here to learn more!

DO NOT disturb Termites. Termites have a scatter, restart tactic when their nests are disturbed. This would just move your damage from one location of your home to another. As soon as you see any signs of termite damage listed above, dial  1-800-572-9797 and we’ll be out there to analyze, treat and prevent.

At Bullfrog Pest Control, we use the superior protection of the Advance® Termite Bait System with maximum killing power – eliminating termite colonies in your home and surrounding areas! The Advance® Termite Bait offers long-term, continuous results and is environmentally safe. It’s the most comprehensive and aggressive system of attack against termites.

Call Bullfrog today for an assessment of your home or commercial property. We’ll defend your home!