Summer is such a fun season with many holidays and celebrations happening. But one thing a tad dark about Summer, is the rise of a new generation of pests and the possibility of their infestation. The more you know about the behavior of these pests, the better prepared you can be to prevent an infestation. The following are some pests you ca expect to see within or near your structure.

Ants – Ants are attracted to your structure because of a free variety of food, comfort within your walls, and easy access. Some ants can damage wood, contaminate food, and contaminate equipment for sterile environments such as hospitals. Some ants sting and others bite. It’s a big problem when ants begin to colonize near or within your structure. Sometimes they can even create satellite nests that are connected to a larger nest. Most ant species are part of a large colony. Ant species vary greatly and should be identified properly before removal.

Bees and Wasps – The danger with bees and wasps is the risk of your structure becoming a nest or a hive. This would happen in an attic or inside the walls. Many of these winged stingers will aggressively protect their nests. That sounds like a conflict waiting to happen. Not to mention the mess they can create along with other pests they can attract into the home because of honey, wax, dead larvae, etc. We highly recommend you call us for professional removal of any bees or wasps and their nests.

Flies – Flies are attracted to odors: sweet fermentation and rotting produce. Several attractants can be present within your home for a fly to enter such as lights, rotting matter, decaying plants, damp items, etc. Holes in screens or windows and open doors are detrimental for any pest situation. It’s important to identify breeding sources of flies and get rid of them. Call us today for a professional removal.

Spiders – Spiders are attracted to your house or structure seeking warmth, shelter and food. If you already have a pest problem, that will create a perfect situation for spiders to stay in your home. The type of spider you may encounter would depend on what species, habits and likes they have. Our professional techs can help  you identify what type of spiders you may have in your structure and provide professional removal.

Bats – Brown bats are one of the type of bats most likely to be found indoors. They look small from afar, but actually have 9 – 12 inch wingspans. If you find a bat indoors, do not make contact as there is a risk for rabies. Bats are an important part of the environment because they eat other pests. Therefore, do not attempt to kill a bat. Sometimes the young get lost when learning to fly in late summer. If a bat gets trapped indoors or you find it on the ground, call us for a professional removal.

Snakes – Snakes can enter your home following its food or looking for the right temperatures. Since snakes cannot create a hole on your structure, it is very likely that any snake you see will have entered following its food – meaning you could already have an infestation. Snakes like damp, dark, cool area. Woodpiles, stone walls, and under tarps outside are favorite hangouts. All snake species are legally protected in the state. Do not attempt to kill a snake. Call us today for professional removal.

Many of the pests above can get into your home or structure through crevices or holes less than a ¼ inch. It’s important to have routine inspections as well as regular, green pest control to make sure you are doing the best you can to prevent infestations.

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