Ants may not be the creepiest of pests around, and are even admired for their hard work in their colonies. Nevertheless, ants are still pests that can disturb your way of life and spread diseases. Watch out for ants having many opportunities and reasons to enter your home throughout the spring.

Easy Access

Ants can enter your homes through crevices, cracks or holes you may not even be aware exist. If you are seeing ants, even a lone scavenger, then it’s best to check your home for any entrances that can be giving ants access to the interior. Once you find possible entryways, you should be proactive and seal them. Make sure  you check near doors, window sills, wiring, conduit and piping for any openings.

Delicious food

Ants are attracted to your home because of your delicious meals. Not that you should stop cooking amazing food, but if you have ants, your clean up game needs to be heightened to another level. Ants will come indoors for a crumb and stay if there’s more for the colony. They are especially attracted to sweet flavors and smells. They are also seeking damp areas and water. Once inside, they will check conditions for nesting.


Nesting conditions

It’s inevitable that your comfy home is ideal for ants to nest in. Ants prefer nesting within walls, as this gives them protection as well as easier access to food and water than if they stayed outside of your home.

There are several steps you can take to try and get rid of ants on your own, but that can lead to many frustrating attempts. Instead, give us a call so our techs can give you a professional assessment of your ant infestation.