4 Truths about Ant Management

  • Expectation – Exterminating your ant infestation will take several treatments and an estimated time of completion will probably not work. Ant management requires dedication, investigation, communication, and many times, multiple techniques.
  • Inspection – Each case of ant infestation is unique so your pest control technician will be able to customize your treatment plan according to your situation. No job is routine when it comes to ant management. Inspections will occur on the interior and exterior of your structure.
  • Identification – Correctly identifying which type of ant is invading your structure is a vital step in controlling the infestation. Some of the factors to be considered are food, food source, appearance, behavior, trailing and harborage.
  • Communication – Pest control exterminators and technicians will need to know as much as possible about what is happening that attracts ants to the structure. It’s important to describe what you are experiencing in detail. This will help techs identify the exact type of ant, their location, food source and give them clues in order to help them make a strategy for ant extermination.
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