Any wonderfully-planned vacation can turn into a nightmare if pests are also traveling with you. And you definitely did not invite them to the party! While it’s true that pests are all over the world and you will definitely see some while you visit other locations, you definitely do not want to be spreading nuisance pests or bringing them home. Common pests you can encounter when traveling or outdoors are ants, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, bed bugs, and ticks. Insects such as flies should not deter you from embracing the outdoors, but there are pests you definitely want to avoid, such as bed bugs and ticks, due to their persistence in infestations.

Take action while on vacation to make sure you don’t have a nightmare at home as well with the tips below:

Research Accommodations: Prior to departure, investigate your chosen hotel. Several websites can provide information on past bed bug infestations reported by previous guests.

Elevate Luggage: To reduce the risk of pests infiltrating your luggage, keep it off the floor and closed throughout your stay. Bed bugs often hide in carpeting, so refrain from placing personal items on carpets and thoroughly inspect the room, focusing on mattresses, furniture, and carpet edges.

Appropriate Attire: When venturing into grassy or wooded areas, wear long, light-colored clothing, tuck your pants into socks or boots, and consider using mosquito netting. Apply a non-toxic bug spray to your clothing and avoid using scented personal products.

Inspect Belongings: Check your belongings for any signs of pests as you pack and get ready to head home. Concentrate on seams and folds where pests may hide. Wash potentially infested clothing in hot water and vacuum luggage before storing it. If possible, leave luggage in a hot car to eliminate pests with high temperatures.

Use Ziploc Bags: Prevent pests from hitching a ride by sealing suspect items in plastic bags. This will prevent pests from spreading. You can also leave items in a sunny location inside a sealed bag for a day.

Prompt Cleaning: Upon returning home, wash all your clothes and take a hot shower immediately. This not only prevents pests but also reduces potential allergens.

By following these steps and being cautious, you can enjoy your summer vacation without the unwanted companions of pests – whether you went outdoors or on a trip across the globe. If you need assistance with pest issues, consider reaching out to us for help.

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