Bullfrog came out in full force, talking shop with local facility directors and other exhibitors at the 2011 Long Island Building & Facility Maintenance Show hosted at Hofstra University in Long Island, NY.

We proudly exhibited our IPM Institute of North America Green Shield Certified and National Pest Management Association certificates and emphasized the importance of integrated pest management (IPM) and green techniques/products in mitigating pest activity in facilities.  Questions flew around on how to best combat the bed bug epidemic that is sweeping the country.  We, at Bullfrog stand by the guiding mantra  “inspect, advise, treat” and in so, our technicians turn to tools that enhance the visual inspection.  George Rose, the company President, sported special orange barrier filter glasses used in tandem with a designated Blue LED inspection flashlight to pick up physical evidence left behind by bed bugs.

A close runner up to bed bugs are pesky flies that plague drains in facilities.  Bullfrog displayed our tool of choice for nipping this problem in the bud from the outset….a high-powered steamer.   Steaming drains is an effective and fully green pest management technique that can keep drains free from organic debris that serves as a food and breading source for flies.  Without an ounce of pesticide, steam treatments are a sustainable way to successfully knock down fly populations and maintain the environmental integrity of a facility.

With decades of experience servicing facilities on Long Island and New York City, Bullfrog Pest Control was happy to participate in the Show and gladly welcomes all facility directors to contact us in order to customize a pest management plan that best fits your needs.