Bullfrog has been receiving frantic calls these past few weeks about tiny red insects collecting in large numbers around windows, windowsills and on curtains.

Callers are worried that their homes are being infested by bedbugs, or that the red stain the insects leave behind when crushed is blood. From the likes of it however, there is nothing to fear, sounds like the seasonal clover mite.

These tiny red insects come out in spring and early summer thriving on lawns and garden vegetation. They usually work their way up the south and west sides of buildings or homes searching to bask in warm sunny places. Oftentimes, they find cracks in windows frames and make a move indoors. They pose no threat, they don’t bite, they don’t spread disease and they don’t damage wood. The red color they leave behind when crushed is a result of their body’s pigment and is not blood at all. To remove them, simply use a soapy rag, wet sponge or vacuum cleaner.