More About West Nile Virus from Dr. Jorge Parada

What are West Nile virus symptoms? I think they key thing to know is that the vast majority of people have virtually no symptoms at all. Virtually 80 percent have no idea they’re infected, don’t seek medical care. We only know if we start doing blood tests for epidemiological purposes. Four out of five (cases) [...]

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Fire Ant Bites Treatment

A fire ant bite is not the same as other ants, be it in experience, or the consequences. Therefore, taking immediate treatment measures to minimize the complications, is a must. One needs to be quick in action to avoid the negative reaction of the bite. Here is how ... Ads by Google Hulett Pest Control [...]

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Exploring America’s Number One Nuisance Pest

In late 2011 and early 2012, the National Pest Management Association (through the Professional Pest Management Alliance), in cooperation with Dr. Laurel Hansen of Spokane Falls Community College and the University of Washington, asked pest management firms from across the United States to participate in a self-administered online survey about ants. In all, more than [...]

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Deer Mice vs. House Mice

The deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus, is in a completely different family than the house mouse, Mus musculus. The white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, is closely related to the deer mouse with similar appearance and habits. The deer mouse is found throughout most of Canada and the United States, with the exception of the southeastern U.S. Instead, [...]

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Cockroach Emergency

Bery Pannkuk | July 31, 2012 A couple of weeks ago a colleague asked me about an “unsolvable” American cockroach infestation. It reminded me of a scene that a lot of people in Cincinnati witnessed during the demolition of an old Ford assembly plant. One morning as I was driving to work I was surprised [...]

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The Story of Spiderman

Author’s note: The Amazing Spider-Man hit the theaters earlier this month, so PCT thought we would take a look at the famous franchise that fused man and spider together and created an American institution. The demand for teenage comic books surged in the early 1960s, due in part by the success of such series as [...]

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Organic Gardening Pest Control

We all know that pest control is one of the important aspects of gardening. This can be done through biological, chemical or physical means. As chemical pest control involves the use of chemicals that can be detrimental to human health, beneficial insects and other organisms. Long-term use of most of chemical pesticides may harm the [...]

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